The students involved in this project all went far above and beyond the call of duty to try to replicate something that they will, in all probability, be experiencing after they graduate. They did this on the heels of working on their midterm projects, which called for them to learn how to do simple animations using Adobe Edge Animate.


While the results of that animation training are somewhat uneven, please bear in mind that these infographics are only the first tries at using a new tool. Taken in that light, they don't look so bad, eh? With a little practice, you can see the basics of design and interactivity taking hold and sprouting.


If you'd like to learn more about this experiment, contact me at dave [at] davidlafontaine [dot] com.


This site was constructed using Adobe Muse, also with the purpose of using it as a training tool. No, I don't require my students to know and master every single tool in the Creative Suite, but the more they are at least familiar with, the better off they'll be when they get a job and their employers expect them to actually know how to do the stuff that they've put on the resume.

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