Bringing Broadway Back

Urban Outfitters

A Coca Xie Project

Downtown LA-- Bringing back Broadway Urban Outfitters is doing more than lighting up the street, it is part of the efforts to bring life back to the area.

Broadway was once the retail and entertainment center of all of Los Angeles. After a long hiatus, however, the crown jewel of Los Angeles is finally returning.

According to Councilmember Huizar, the historic buildings on Broadway will bring new life into long-vacant office and hotel spaces.

After the call of Huizar, Urban Outfitters, the nationally and internationally known retailer has put their footstep onto 8th Street and Broadway in December 2013.

What’s interesting about the location is, it was a historic theater that was built in 1917. Urban Outfitters moved into the Rialto Theater and brought it back to life after LA’s post-war suburbanization.

The neon lighting with the “Urban Outfitters” sign shines beautifully at night. People keep coming by until 8 p.m., the time when they close for the day.

The whole store is about 10,00 square feet, with the fitting rooms being on the second floor, the first floor looks very organized and yet creative with the Urban Outfitters’ typical fashionable decorations.

When walking into this store, it feels different than the ones in Hollywood or Pasadena. The historical movie atmosphere adds a little bit quality to just simple fashion and clothing.

The crazy design of T-shirts, which is what Urban Outfitters is known for, makes a good combination with the brick walls of Rialto Theater.

What kind of customers does this store attract then? AJ, the manager of the store says that they are mostly young people, both students and professions who work in the fashion or media industry.

According to AJ, the store has been popular since it opened in the end of last year, the employees, big as 50, are all happy to work here.

“It does seem to bring more colors and activities to Broadway, I like Urban Outfitters, I think it was a great idea to open one here, convenient for us.” Says Daniel Sanders, a musician who lives nearby.

Urban Outfitters at night Feb. 2014